Thursday, August 13, 2009

Handprint Denver

Denver is already benefiting from two existing documents: Blueprint Denver and Greenprint Denver that outline improvements to the urban and natural environment. While not on the drawing boards yet, Handprint Denver would complement by adding the social dimension that sustains the city.

As a starting point, Denver has a number of impressive programs such as: Denver Preschool Program, Denver Health, and Building a Better Denver. Handprint Denver would be instrumental in showcasing existing programs and recommending new social initiatives.

Handprint Denver would have an overriding theme of care for every resident with a special emphasis on addressing the needs of families. The scope of Handprint Denver could encompass education, health care, provisions, safety, and culture.

- Improve educational oppertunities for children and youth
- Increase affordable and attractive family housing
- Form neighborhood social networks

Our handprints are integral to the success of Denver and the greater metropolitan region. What additional goals do you think would be important?