Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sustainability Toolkit for Family Friendly Cities

Our slides for "Sustainability Toolkit for Family Friendly Cities" presented at the Downtown Colorado Inc conference September 13, 2012 are located at:\SustainablityToolkitFamilyFriendlyCities.pdf (11M)

Outline of presentation:
  • Human Sustainability Introduction
  • Motivation for Multi-Generational Planning
  • 12 Guiding Principles for Family Friendly Cities
  • Mapping of City Family, Business, and Resource Centers
    • Case Example for Littleton, CO
    • Case Example of Mapping for Denver Metro with Light Rail to Connect Family and Business Centers
  • Sustainability Toolkit:
    • Social
      • Multi-Generational Public Spaces
    • Housing
      • Multi-Generational Housing
      • Affordable Eco-Friendly Living
    • Mobility
      • Multi-Modal Streets
      • Personal Transportation Hubs
    • Education
      • Purposeful Education
    • Universal Resources
      • More Land for Living and Food
      • Water Scarcity Leads to Abundance
Each Toolkit item includes a description with design considerations, benefits for various stakeholders, and case studies.

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